Thanks for all the Fish

24 Jul 2008

I greatly appreciate everyone's comments and input on my article on Bluetooth and GPS
.  It is quite nice to have the exposure from Make and also to have one's efforts peer reviewed as it leads to productive introspection around one's work.

Allow me to respond to those who took the time to comment on my little project:

To Tam, David and Snoopy:
No, I didn't actually short out the entire board by connecting VCC+ and GND.  That is a mistake in my first attempt to draw out a schematic in Illustrator.  So to those that are copying this project word-for-word - please don't follow the diagram exactly.  I'll update it in the next couple of days when I have a chance.  As an aside, I'd be curious to hear from others about what they use for drawing circuit diagrams.  I just use Illustrator because that's what I know from my days long past as a designer.

To Siftah and Arto:
What I've done is most definitely available as a commercial product and most likely for less than I invested in the various components.  However, I just happen to be a nerd and am quite interested in learning from products and devices that may exist for an equal or greater price.

Because I cobbled my project together from off-the-shelf components, I can continually break down and re-combine any of the components I utilized into more-and-more interesting and complicated projects.  With a consumer product, I would be beholden to whatever the particular manufacturer of that consumer product dictated the functionality of a given device to be.

Additionally, while I'm not entirely familiar with what is on the market with regards to Bluetooth GPS devices, it's much cooler, in my opinion, to be able to do whatever I want with the IMEA codes that I ingest and store from a piece of hardware via my own drivers and software as compared with what a GPS hardware/software vendor happens to expose via a crippled API in response to what their marketing team thinks that I might be interested in doing with said data that I collected via blood, sweat and tears on the trail.  Isn't that why we all read and love Make?

Birds have dominated the sky since the day that they evolved to become flying creatures.  However, since man has gazed upon them, we have looked to them for  inspiration and in envy, often (unsuccessfully) invoking their form in an attempt to share the currents and soar above.  So, while I could theoretically transmute into a bird (or purchase one) to create an exact replica of something that already exists, by creating a reasonable facsimile I can learn how exactly it works, improve upon it and have fun doing it.

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